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Mea vulva, mea culpa

 As a girl of about 10 years old,  I once made a drawing of  the body of my mother.  The drawing was headless, I had drawn the shoulders, breasts, belly and her private parts (the word "the cunt" in this context I can not directly speak). My father saw this drawing, I don’t remember what he exactly said, but I do remember that I was ashamed terribly, I quickly tore the drawing into pieces and never dared to do draw something similar.

 What made this such a charged issue, I wonder now, looking at pictures of the Venus of Willendorf, the Venus of Hohenfels, and large numbers of other representations of women's bodies from the Prehistory.

At various locations in Europe these kind of Female Bodies are found, often with only a very small head, faceless, with magnified those characteristics that a woman functionally turn into a woman. A body that can make love, a body that can give birth and feed babies, a body that bleeds monthly. They are pure representations of fertility, of precisely that element that connects people with the wild nature. Bodies which may be themselves and do not limit women to smooth contours, a single age and contrived ways.
Inspired by these Venuses I painted my own Venus, I gave her a head and face and I gave her greatly enlarged genitals. To emphasize extra the connection with the natural, I have painted a little canvas with a wolf. It is not about beauty but about primal elements, it is about the forces which are connected to womanhood, notwithstanding all civilization and culture. We have no control over nature, we even have no control over ourselves. We are controlled by things we cannot control.